Our insights

All of our market leading programmes are built on insight, using our network of specialist education consultants, current teachers and young people to ensure they achieve their purpose and meet the needs of our audiences. We also have access to other networks such as parents, youth workers and international educators as and when projects require their input.


Through our network of specialist education consultants and current teachers, we have access to the latest developments and challenges facing the education sector. Our consultants are leaders in their fields, from PSHE to financial literacy and STEM education. Our network of current teachers includes SLT, subject leaders and pastoral roles from Early Years to FE and HE level and we proactively seek diverse educators from all backgrounds to help ensure our programmes are representative of the vast variety of communities they serve.

Educators invited into our network identify their areas of specialism and are drawn on throughout the end-to-end content development process – from initial idea generation and content creation, to validation and classroom testing. Their input ensures our work strikes the right balance between innovation and feasibility for remote or classroom delivery.

Young people

Our youth panel is currently being expanded to reach a broader cross-section of young people. We rely on our network of young people to provide us with current insights to generate inspiration for our work. Through co-creation sessions, focus groups and online forums, we work closely with them to test our concepts and evaluate our outputs so they can be continuously improved.

We believe in valuing the contributions of the young people we work with and always seek to ensure they benefit from being involved, whether that’s through reimbursement for their time or offering opportunities to develop their employability skills.

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