Join our Youth Panel and be a voice for young people and young adults in our work

We are seeking an energetic, diverse, and committed group of 18-25 year-olds from across the UK to join our Youth Panel. Do you have a passion for making a difference? Do you think it is important for young people and young adults to have a voice in work that affects them? If yes, we want to hear from you. Find out more about the opportunity below.


At Hopscotch we create education programmes for children and young people across the UK. We make education resources, run competitions and events, and produce digital content for teachers to use with students.

We need to make sure everything we create is innovative, engaging and relevant to young people: that’s why our youth panel is so important to us.

Our youth panel:

  • Share what’s on young peoples’ minds right now
  • Push us to create better resources for young people
  • Develop their own skills through collaborating with peers and learning from the hopscotch team

Panel membership lasts 1 year and in that time members will get involved in a range of activities with different benefits. Membership will begin with a virtual introductory session to meet other members, find out more about the panel and get a LinkedIn masterclass.

Activity Benefit

Join a LinkedIn group where key topics and questions will be posted regularly for panel members to respond to (maximum twice per month)

Have access to x4 training sessions with Hopscotch staff on topics such as giving feedback, running social media campaigns, building a website etc. Plus CV and career planning support

Share feedback on topics we need in depth insights on e.g. Via a focus group, telephone interview or written testimonial (once every 2 months)

Hourly payment of at least UK Living Wage rate of £9.50 per hour (maximum 2 hours work per topic)

By joining the panel, you will have the opportunity to influence the support young people receive in school/college on key topics, all whilst gaining skills and experience to boost your CV:

  • Got a topic you’re passionate about? From sustainability to empowering girls to do sport, you can make a difference to the support and resources teachers offer their students
  • Looking to boost your transferable skills? You’ll develop your communication, collaboration, time management and creativity skills through working with Hopscotch staff and peers
  • Considering a career in marketing? Find out about how we promote our programmes to educators, young people and families using a range of comms channels
  • Not sure about your next step? Get inspired by meeting the Hopscotch team and finding out about our career paths, from the Founders to people who have joined us as their first job, plus attend training sessions with our staff to broaden your experiences of the workplace
  • Want to get noticed? You’ll get the opportunity to author a blog for our website that we’ll share through our social channels, we’ll connect with you on LinkedIn and through interacting with our content you can expand your network, and at the end of the year we’ll endorse relevant skills on your LinkedIn profile

We are looking for members who:

  • Are age 18-25
  • Currently live in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland

Panel members need to be…

  • Enthusiastic about working in a team
  • Open to sharing their own experiences
  • Interested in learning more about education and marketing
  • Organised and able to manage their time on tasks to meet deadlines

We want to meet a range of young people, including those who have experience of:

  • Being on an apprenticeship programme
  • Going to university
  • Taking a-levels
  • Changing path and retraining
  • Unemployment
  • The care system
  • Moving to the UK as a teenager or young adult
  • Aiming for a career where people like them are under-represented
  • Receiving additional learning support at school or attending alternative provision
  • Lots more!

You can download the role description here.

Applications are now open to be on the 2021/22 Hopscotch Youth Panel running from June 2021 to May 2022.

To apply you need to do 2 things:

  1. Write a paragraph about you – what are you doing currently and what unique perspective could you bring to the panel?
  2. Share with us the most useful or inspirational learning experience you’ve had and why it was memorable. This could be a school lesson that you really enjoyed and made you want to study a particular subject, or a workshop/training session/work experience that helped you e.g. wellbeing, communication or budgeting.

You can choose any format to share your experience, as long as it can be emailed to us, for example you could:

  • Write a description (max. 1 page A4)
  • Record a voice note (max. 3 mins)
  • Design a presentation (max. 3 slides)
  • Create a film (max. 3 mins)

What will happen next?

We will shortlist potential members to have a phone conversation with, which will cover why you want to join the panel, what your areas of interest are and a discussion around your availability and anything you would need from us to be able to participate fully in the panel.

Email your applications to by 5pm, 15th June 2021.

At this time we're particularly keen to hear from apprentices and school leavers who have gone straight into employment, training or volunteering

If you have further questions, please email

Download the role description here. Deadline for applications is 5pm, 15th June 2021. Please email your application to - at this time, we're particularly keen to hear from apprentices and school leavers who have gone straight into employment, training or volunteering.


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