Having the opportunity to volunteer, and give our time and energy to a cause in need, is so important. But with most of us living busy lives it can seem impossible to fit anything else into an already jam-packed schedule. However, what Eloise has learnt through Hopscotch’s work with reading charity Bookmark is that it really doesn’t have to take up too much time at all.


The Financial Education Forum, hosted on Wednesday 13th October, was the first in-person meeting since October 2019, hosted by the Bank of England. Amongst renewed calls for financial education and money skills to be prioritised, this forum focused on financial education for primary aged children set against an increasingly challenging backdrop. 

With #WorldMentalHealth Day around the corner, this week we’ll be exploring mental health literacy in education. With mental health issues so prevalent in our society, integrating mental wellbeing into the curriculum is crucial. 

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