Hopscotch is super excited to announce the launch of ‘Switched On’ a new, free educational rail safety programme for children. Working closely with Network Rail, in partnership with the rail industry, the Switched On rail safety programme is closely aligned to key stage levels – for age groups 3 -6, 7-11 and 12 -16 – and teaches children about the dangers present around the railway, encouraging them to be aware of risky behaviour and develop hazard-spotting skills.

In its simplest form, being inclusive is about ‘not excluding any particular groups of people’ , but in content creation, we have the opportunity to go beyond this dictionary definition. At Hopscotch, we think it’s our responsibility to make sure all learners feel actively included and represented to ensure everyone can access and benefit from the education content we’re producing.

James Rufus, our Account Executive, discusses COP26 and provides insight into why we need to prioritise climate change education. 

Having the opportunity to volunteer, and give our time and energy to a cause in need, is so important. But with most of us living busy lives it can seem impossible to fit anything else into an already jam-packed schedule. However, what Eloise has learnt through Hopscotch’s work with reading charity Bookmark is that it really doesn’t have to take up too much time at all.


The Financial Education Forum, hosted on Wednesday 13th October, was the first in-person meeting since October 2019, hosted by the Bank of England. Amongst renewed calls for financial education and money skills to be prioritised, this forum focused on financial education for primary aged children set against an increasingly challenging backdrop. 

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