A night of teachers, tapas and top tips!

Last week saw the second in our series of Education Matters events and what an event it was! We spend a lot of time talking to our clients about the world of education, the pressures facing teachers today and the opportunities for support – but nothing beats hearing it from the horse’s mouth.

Taking place at one of our local Bankside haunts, we hosted an educator meet and greet for a range of different organisations who wanted to get some face time with our top teacher talent. On the night, we had a great line up of teachers who were really keen to share their insights into how organisations can best work with schools and young people, from STEM experts to careers coordinators, youth group leaders, ICT leads, primary specialists and more.

It came as no great surprise to us but a key theme running through all conversations was that anything organisations provide for schools needs to be:

  1. FREE – schools are facing serious money pressures so shout about how your offer doesn’t cost a thing and don’t underestimate the value of even the smallest free items for schools
  2. VISIBLE – you’ve heard all about teacher workload and it’s no joke. They’re busy people with so many other priorities, anything you provide needs to be as easy as possible to find and use
  3. EXCITING – engaging children and young people in learning can sometimes be a challenge, anything that brings this to life in an interactive way and makes learning fun will be snapped up

And, what was evident from the evening is that teachers are welcoming support from organisations that tick these boxes, with open arms. As one of our teachers said herself, "It's a tough environment for teachers... in order to get our kids to progress, we need to make learning relevant to what they see around them and link it to what is fun and exciting”. Organisations harbour so much expertise in various sectors which can add real value to young people’s learning.

I’ll leave you with some final wise words from one of our teacher superstars who puts the whole education experience into perspective. Their role is about so much more than delivering the statutory curriculum, it’s about preparing children and young people for real life.

"Our aim as teachers is to nurture; it's the whole experience, not just the education of the child that we want to look after... We pay attention when a resource will help a child's progress so they can leave school healthy, happy and ready to move on."

Take note when thinking of engaging with teachers and if you’re interested in attending one of our events in the future, drop me a line on

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Jenny Anderson

Jenny is passionate about developing impactful award-winning campaigns that make a real difference to young people. Leading on marketing and PR at Hopscotch, she manages this for LifeSkills created with Barclays and BAFTA, as well as directing The Great War Debate for DfE. She has extensive experience managing communications campaigns, organising nationwide events, creating compelling education content, delivering in-depth research and more – making every day different and rewarding!

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