Education Matters – Breakfast Seminar hosted by Hopscotch Consulting

On a misty morning last week, Hopscotch Consulting brought together over 40 professionals from blue chip companies, leading NGOs and government departments to discuss the importance of supporting the education sector. From the 38th floor of the Gherkin, guests heard from programme leaders including Kirstie Mackey, Managing Director, Citizenship & Consumer Affairs, Barclays UK, Anna Russell, CSR Director at Bupa and Holly Matthewson, Talent Lead at Vodafone UK, about the ground-breaking work that they are currently delivering in the space 

The speakers talked about their different programmes and discussed the following best practice recommendations and insights into delivering in the education landscape: 

Finding the sweet spot where organisations can truly add value 

  • To maximise value, organisations need to find areas where they can authentically contribute to, which means looking at their own specialisms and how these can benefit the education sector   
  • To identify this space, they need to conduct thorough research in the field and bring all of the audiences on board from the start, threading co-creation through at every level  
  • Organisations should look across the education landscape for the right area to contribute to. It’s not just about delivering programmes for young people, but also providing support for the teachers and staff, or even in adult education    

Employability skills are evolving 

  • Teaching entrepreneurship and social skills is really important right now, and we heard from employers who were struggling to find candidates with these skills 
  • There is a business imperative to support digital skills, including coding. However, it’s also important to grow young people’s confidence in their own digital skills and ensure that young people no matter what their backgrounds or where they are from are supported.  

 Volunteers benefit from their involvement 

  • Volunteers involved in the programmes had benefited from personal development through the experience of being involved, such as coaching skills and growth in confidence  
  • Ensuring volunteering time and contribution is formally recognised by HR can help drive uptake and increase volunteer involvement

If you’d like to hear more insights from the event, or to set up a coffee to discuss how your organisation can support schools, please get in touch at


About the author

Tarin Ayres

Tarin has over 11 years of experience working on award-winning behaviour change campaigns and programmes with government, NGOs and corporates across Europe and Africa. She is a youth communications specialist and led an NGO running digital learning programmes for young people across the continent for clients such as Facebook, Girl Effect and the British Council. Tarin loves working with audiences to build campaigns and programmes that make a tangible impact. 

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