Conscious Advertising Network - Hopscotch lead working group on child welfare in advertising

Wednesday sees the launch of the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) of which Hopscotch are a founding member. We played a key role leading the working group on children's wellbeing in advertising. CAN is a voluntary movement of over 30 organisations, and 50 experienced industry players, supported by ISBA in the UK.

We are setting out an achievable leadership position for advertising in 6 key areas through best practice manifestos for advertisers, their agents and technology partners, so that the ethics can catch up with the technology of modern advertising.

These are – Ad Fraud, Consent, Diversity, Fake News, Hate Speech and Child Protection. It’s supported by ISBA and members include The Body Shop, Merkle Periscopix and Gyro.

We believe the outcome of widespread usage of these manifestos will result not only in improvements around the 6 areas, but equally importantly, an improvement in advertising effectiveness for those companies that adopt them. CAN is free to join and currently recruiting members.

The advertising industry, from brands and agencies to adtech, is perfectly placed to consciously change both their operations and the content they produce in pursuit of making communications that are better for all. Our ambition is that:

  • Ad fraud should be eradicated
  • The industry and content it produces should be as diverse as we are
  • Neither hate speech nor deliberately misleading ‘fake news’ should be funded by brands
  • Consent should be informed and people seen as active participants in their online experience
  • And, as forms of advertising to or around children evolve, so should the safeguards to their wellbeing


For further detail visit the CAN website.

About the author

Jenny Anderson

Jenny is passionate about developing impactful award-winning campaigns that make a real difference to young people. Leading on marketing and PR at Hopscotch, she manages this for LifeSkills created with Barclays and BAFTA, as well as directing The Great War Debate for DfE. She has extensive experience managing communications campaigns, organising nationwide events, creating compelling education content, delivering in-depth research and more – making every day different and rewarding!

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