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On 12th November, we were delighted to be part of the judging of OLEV's Eco-Innovators competition. We were joined by experts from across the EV sector, from organisations such as National Grid, RAC Foundation, Living Streets, as well as Charlotte Smith, 12 year old EV campaigner who founded EV Thank You.

The challenge? To design a future EV chargepoint that is innovative, iconic and beautiful.

Over 1800 entries were submitted by more than 100 schools, stretching from Derry to Dorset, Stirling to Sussex. We received colourful creations, CAD designs and persuasive adverts from students aged 7-19.

The judge’s challenge: to whittle these entries down to just 10 winners in each age category based on their creativity, suitability, sustainability and communication of the idea.

After many hours of deliberation and debate, our judges came to their decision and the lucky winners will be announced shortly.

There are some fantastic prizes on offer, including a scale model of the winning model built by the National Transport Design Centre, a dual electric vehicle chargepoint installed at the school by Octopus, a Tesla EV experience and Tech Will Save Us STEM education kits.

Good luck to all that entered!

About the author

Pippa Driver

Pippa joined Hopscotch as an intern and now works on programmes for Tomorrow’s Engineers, TFL and RSPCA. She graduated with a First Class BA honours degree from University of York, where she focused on the impact mental health and wellbeing has on young people. Bringing experience of education systems in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Pippa is passionate about developing campaigns that endeavour to broaden the horizons of each and every young person.

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