Education insights: TikTok moves into the education market and how creating an online course changed these young people’s lives

Once again, this week brought with it a whole host of changes to the education landscape, as well as new guidance for schools and uplifting stories from the community. Whether it’s policy updates or teacher insights, each week we’re bringing you useful updates and notable news from the education sector so you can stay up to date.

TikTok makes moves into education market

Social media giant TikTok has announced plans to commission hundreds of experts and institutions to produce educational content for the platform, with universities and charities among those being paid to create bespoke videos. Rich Waterworth, TikTok's general manager for Europe, said the platform had noticed users' interest in educational videos, generating more than seven billion views of the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok. With the app centred around short-form content, an existing online learning trend that Hopscotch has worked on a lot, the move makes perfect sense.

Children are developing post-traumatic stress disorder because of the coronavirus pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak has been a stressful and uncertain time for us all, but with their daily routines being thrown out of sorts, it is arguably the nation’s children who have suffered the most. A new report by The Childhood Trust has found that as well as anxiety about their loved ones' health, many disadvantaged children are facing social isolation and hunger, with lack of internet access also setting children back. We’re even more saddened to hear that symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder have been seem in some children. The report comes as companies and individuals are urged to think about how they can play their part in “fostering conditions conducive to children’s wellbeing.”

Creating an online course 'changed my life'

But for some, the changes to working life the pandemic caused has seen a positive change to quality of life! Like many others, interior stylist Lucy Gough saw her income disappear when the coronavirus hit and naturally felt anxious about her prospects. "Within one week the four shoots I'd been prepping for were all cancelled," she recalls. However, rather than do nothing, Lucy decided to pivot her business and create an online interior styling course after teaching a similar one at London design school Central Saint Martins. The use of solution-focused and enterprising thinking to overcome obstacles is so inspiring to hear in a time where new opportunities seem hard to come by.

Three ways for UK schools to improve their race relations now

As the Black Lives Matter marches continue throughout the country, UK public institutions, including schools, are working to show they are actively creating a more inclusive and anti-racist culture within. Instead of just empty slogans, there are calls for schools to treat racism as a safeguarding and health and safety issue and be on high alert when looking out for racial discrimination. But how do schools commit to concrete and long-term change? And where do they start? We think these three ways that schools can start to improve their attitudes to race relations are a great place to start.

Extra funds for 3,000 new teachers due to Covid crisis

The government has announced a one-year funding package for up to 3,000 new teachers, in response to disruption caused by the Covid-19 crisis. The new funding will be available from this autumn – but the Department for Education is yet to confirm the exact amount. The news comes after Schools Minister Nick Gibb revealed the number of teacher training applications is up 12% since the coronavirus outbreak – this is a fantastic boost for the teacher community who have faced a lot of challenges over the last few months to say the least.

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