5 of the best STEM resources for home learning

With students at home for the time being, it’s a fantastic opportunity for them to push the boundaries of creative learning. But creativity isn’t resigned to the arts - there’s room for spark and flair within STEM subjects too. To help with this, we’ve rounded up some of the most innovative and exciting free resources for use at home, so that students can have fun whilst learning.

DIY activities and experiments from the Met Office

Through these bitesize, hands-on activities, young people can explore the weird and wonderful world of weather and all the science that comes with it. The range of experiments and DIY projects for students aged 7-14 touch on everything from data collection to weather storytelling and forecasting fact busters.

Explore technology within healthcare with online modules from GSK

To spark students’ creativity and curiosity, why not try out GSK’s Apps to the rescue module for 11-14 year olds? This explores how mobile apps can be used to detect, predict and adapt behaviour in the healthcare sector.

Anyone can be an engineer with Siemens

Siemens’ DIY Science videos help bring basic engineering and science to life at the kitchen table. Aimed at children aged 7-11 and their parents, the 21 curriculum-linked videos offer a range of fun, family-filled experiments using materials from around the house.

Creative activity packs for STEM learning

Learn by Design have put together creative activities for different elements of STEM learning. Topics range from molecules and electrons to insects and birds, all communicated through a series of simple, easy to understand, at-home activities.

Get children coding with Scratch (8-16 years) and Scratch Jr (5-7 years)

Students can program their own interactive stories, games and animations to help them get to grips with the fundamentals of coding language. Scratch helps young people to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively – essential skills they can build whilst at home.

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Before joining Hopscotch, Eleanor taught English in Germany, worked as a Widening Participation ambassador at Bristol University and interned at the Young Westminster Foundation. Since securing a first class honours degree in History, Eleanor has enjoyed bringing her passion for education to projects including Bupa and LifeSkills created with Barclays.

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