Education insights: Using math in fashion and athletics, boosting diversity in GCSE reading lists and degrees without subjects

As we navigate through the final quarter of 2020, many parts of the UK re-enter strict lockdown while Manchester recognises Rashford’s Free School Meals extension campaign and alternative higher education institutions enter the playing field.

Meet the Olympian, fashion editor and teacher who uses Maths every day

The message from three ambassadors of a new education campaign, designed to bring mathematics back into the spotlight, is that numbers and equations are just as important to magazine editors and Olympic athletes as they are to engineers and scientists. They hope that this campaign shows students that mathematics isn’t as scary as its reputation suggests. We think that giving STEM subjects both real-life and alternative context like this is a great way to engage young minds.

Marcus Rashford to be honoured with City of Manchester award

Marcus Rashford, the footballer that campaigned to extend Free School Meals into school holidays to ensure children and young people don’t go hungry, will be given the City of Manchester Award to thank him for his efforts. The City of Manchester Award was introduced as a way to acknowledge an individual’s ‘outstanding and exceptional contribution to the city’. At Hopscotch, we’ve been following his campaign closely and champion all efforts to make sure school children don’t experience hunger.

Penguin launches project to boost diversity in GCSE reading lists

Lit in Colour, the publisher’s partnership with the Runnymede Trust, hopes to redress imbalances in English literature courses. The partnership follows a recent report by Teach First which found that pupils could leave school in England without studying a novel or play by a black or minority ethnic author. It’s so important for the GCSE syllabus to reflect a diversity of authors and to cultivate an inclusive narrative, and this initiative will hopefully be a step in the right direction.

Young jobseekers reveal what they want out of recruitment

A new report from Debut and the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) has posed seven big questions asked by employers to over 2,000 students and jobseekers. The report highlights that jobseekers crave information that demystifies the stages of the recruitment process and offers transparency into chosen organisations; they want to hear authentic testimonials. Through our numerous career programmes, we are fully aware of the value authenticity brings to jobseekers and encourage employers to take heed.

New college to run degrees without subjects

A new interdisciplinary, higher education institution is opening in London next autumn, which moves away from teaching traditional separate subjects - but will be able to award its own degrees. It is claimed as the first institution since the 1960s to start from scratch with full UK degree awarding powers. Students will all take a combined arts and science course aimed at teaching problem-solving skills to solve modern-day problems. By not replicating the traditional format of university teaching and being genuinely different (and dare we say it, disruptive) sounds like it could be very appealing to many prospective undergraduates.

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Craig Ritchie

Craig has a passion for empowering young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and delivering campaigns with a social impact. He has a background in client-servicing and holds specialist knowledge of the STEM and Careers pathways. At Hopscotch, Craig works across Health Education England, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and DP World.

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