Sport England teams up with Hopscotch to drive physical activity levels in teen girls

Sport England replicates This Girl Can message for schools

As seen in Marketing Week, Sport England is extending its popular ‘This Girl Can’ campaign into schools, in a bid to tackle low activity levels among young people. Nearly a third of young people currently engage in less than 30 minutes of physical activity per day.

Sport England has worked with behaviour change specialist Hopscotch to launch a platform called Studio You, that will provide PE teachers across England with access to a digital library of alternative workouts designed to engage girls with physical activity. Some £1.5m of National Lottery Funding has been invested in the scheme.

Studio You is to be piloted in 20 schools from February 2021. In line with the This Girl Can campaign it uses small groups of relatable real people, and presents sport as accessible, fun and rewarding. It uses the tagline ‘Press play. Have fun.’

“In focus groups girls who had disengaged from school sports used words like ‘competitive’, ‘forced’, ‘stressy’ and ‘repetitive’ to describe their PE lessons,” says Jayne Molyneux, director of children and young people at Sport England.

“The Studio You platform will help teachers challenge those perceptions by re-injecting all-important fun, choice and ownership into the PE experience for those that don’t naturally gravitate towards it.”

Watch our promo video below to find out more about the platform. 

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