Education insights: Focusing on sport, music and drama, student lockdown wellbeing findings and why apprenticeships are key for the future

With back-to-school preparations still awaiting confirmation, this week’s education headlines have been dominated with catch-up plans both in schools and employment. New findings into the effect of lockdown on student wellbeing have also suggested that it is exam-year students that have been hit the hardest. Keep reading to discover more in this week’s round up.

Sport, music and drama 'should be part of England's pupil catch-up'

The new Education Catch-up Tsar, Sir Kevan Collins, has announced that extra hours of academic learning, as well as sport, music and drama, will be needed to help England's pupils make up ground following the pandemic. After working with Sport England to create Studio You, an online video lesson platform designed to get teenage girls engaged with their PE lessons, at Hopscotch we’ve seen first-hand how important sport and exercise are in building positive and healthy habits in later life, as well as the benefits on both physical and mental wellbeing, so the inclusion of sport and the arts in the catch-up scheme is very welcome news for us!

Lockdown 'hits exam year students hardest'

A new report from ImpactEd, released earlier this month, has revealed that GCSE students’ anxiety levels have risen more than in any of the other key stage groups. It has also found that Year 10 and 11 students have suffered a drop in motivation more than other year groups, suggesting “the pressures of exam uncertainty” may be a factor affecting students. Education programmes such as LifeSkills created with Barclays have wellbeing resources based around adaptability and resilience to help young people develop techniques for dealing with stress and change. These are all skills we have all had to utilise in recent months, but no more so than students in education.

How apprenticeships could play a key part in the post-Covid economic rebuild

We have all been sad to see apprenticeship schemes being cut back as a result of the pandemic, but many employers say they plan to resume recruitment as soon as possible. The reaction of employers to the pandemic crisis was swift, with research in May from the Association of Employment and Learning Providers finding six out of 10 employers stopped all new apprenticeships when the coronavirus took hold. We look forward to seeing the results of the upcoming recruitment drive, and the many young people taking advantage of the fantastic apprenticeship schemes available.

UK space industry: engineering apprenticeships set for take-off

Speaking of apprentices, the next generation of space engineers began training last month through a new apprenticeship scheme! The space engineering technician apprenticeship is the first to be recognised by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education and is the result of a collaboration between the University of Leicester, the UK Space Agency and aerospace giant Airbus. The UK space sector is expanding, with 30,000 more jobs expected to be created in the field over the next decade, so we will definitely be keeping an eye out on the exciting future careers it will provide.

The Hopscotch Step Challenge: Raising money for British Heart Foundation

You may have seen us talk about the Hopscotch Step Challenge on our social media over the last couple of weeks. As a company, we have set ourselves the target of walking 5,000,000 steps during the month of February. Not only is this to ensure we are all making the most of daylight hours and moving as much as possible while working from home, but we are also using this as an opportunity to raise money for British Heart Foundation. Just £24 could pay for two hours of research by an early career scientist, but every pound helps so if you are able to give what you can to help us hit our target we would really appreciate your support!

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Eloise has gained lots of marketing and comms knowledge having worked with a range of organisations in the education, women’s health and global logistics industry. With experience in content creation, copywriting and social media she brings her passion for reaching the younger audience when working on projects for Sport England, LifeSkills created with Barclays and RSPCA.

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