Hopscotch walks over 5 million steps for British Heart Foundation

For many of us, our morning commute has gone from walking through tube stations to rolling out of bed, grabbing our laptops, and staying there until the evening. Mix this new more sedentary way of life with the cold winter weather and we found our motivation to get outside was at an all-time low.

So we decided, with spring on the way, to challenge the team at Hopscotch to get moving in the #HopscotchStepChallenge while raising money for the British Heart Foundation. The goal for everyone was to walk at least 6,000 steps every day during February and the team smashed it out of the park, with a few walking more than 100,000 steps EVERY WEEK!

Collectively, Hopscotch walked from London to Cyprus in February, which is incredible. Well done team!

A huge congratulations to our winner, Cherish, who walked a fantastic medal-worthy 419,941 steps!


Here are some thoughts from the members of the team on how the step challenge helped them to feel motivated to move more in February.

“Upping my step count through February was a welcome distraction. It definitely got me out of the house more, improved my sleep and set up some good habits I've carried into March. It was extra helpful to have the motivation of raising money for an important cause to keep me going on those tiring 20,000+ step days!” - Steph

“The step challenge prompted me to dig out an old Fitbit and really take notice of how little I was doing some days while other days were off the charts! During February there were no down days, I made sure I walked or ran every morning and lunchtime and I definitely noticed I was sleeping better. It was also great to be out in nature as the seasons start to shift. Brighter days ahead!” – Tiff

“The Step Challenge was a great way to encourage the team to get away from their desks during what was a pretty cold and wet month. There were some big individual numbers but hopefully it’s set up some good behaviours and habits for everyone that we can keep to.” – Marcus

Each week, everyone was tasked to capture and share part of their walks, from photos of something that made them smile to a screenshot of their favourite podcasts. 

About the author

Georgia Shiels

Georgia began her career in marketing while racing competitively in motorsport where she then gained her degree in automotive engineering. Georgia’s passion for encouraging young girls into STEM subjects grew from here. She volunteered as a STEM ambassador and she brings her STEM passion alongside many years of marketing and comms experience to her work at Hopscotch.

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