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Involving girls in policy creation and guidance

The Department for Education appointed Hopscotch to conduct qualitative research with girls aged 9 -19 to inform schools and colleges about the provision of new period products.

Hopscotch carried out an online forum with just under 100 young people from across England. The objective was to understand pupil’s expectations of the scheme, identifying strengths and weaknesses of proposed delivery approaches, as well as the impact of delivery on tackling stigma at school surrounding periods.

The sample ensured that the pupils were representative of a wide range of backgrounds, capturing a diverse collection of opinions from different schools and colleges, year groups and ethnicities. Hopscotch performed additional analysis to explore potential differences in viewpoints across sub-groups.

The online forum provided a safe environment to capture participants views anonymously, being mindful of the sensitivity of the topic and required safeguarding procedures. Questions focussed on implementation aspects of the scheme and were clear and accessible, with the forum taking place over the weekend to ensure maximum participation.

This research has been used to inform the department’s scheme guidance and can be found here.

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