The UK’s leading STEM workshop programme in schools


E.ON wanted nothing short of a totally re-energised schools programme. One that would help them build a meaningful relationship with future talent in the classroom and beyond. 

We created Energise Anything!, a brand new programme for schools and families that showcases science in unexpected ways to children and young people, helping to energise their inquisitive minds. Three age targeted, curriculum-linked workshops lie at the heart of the programme, tapping into the maker movement and taking interactive learning to a whole new level with the chance to do everything from powering Martian colonies to playing music with wired up bananas and mimicking huddling penguins.

Supporting these are a series of quirky animations and education resources that encourage young people to investigate, probe, test, explore, and critically analyse evidence.

100% of teachers report the workshops as relevant to their students’ learning and skills. A further 98% of secondary teachers stated the resources enhanced their students’ STEM learning and 99% of teachers would recommend a workshop to a colleague.

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