HS2 Ltd: Zoom Rail primary school programme

Educating young people about opportunities in transport and infrastructure industries

Zoom Rail is a unique STEAM programme that aims to educate pupils aged 7-11 about career opportunities in the transport and infrastructure industries, and to increase awareness of the high speed rail project.

The programme was piloted in 2016 with two elements – a workshop aimed at primary schools along the route of HS2, and a free online resource that tasks pupils with creating their own railway of the future – Zoom Rail - completing 12 challenges linked to STEM skills in a rail context. Following the pilot, workshops are being delivered across England with facilitators and HS2 volunteers, to bring Zoom Rail to life in the classroom.

The development of the programme involved working with industry experts, creating careers films featuring a range of roles who all work on HS2, from ecologists, to route planners and engineers. The online platform and workshops work hand in hand to support young people to develop key skills the sector requires - communication, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, organisation and evaluation. 84% of pupils said that they enjoyed the workshop a lot.

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