Redefining PE for teenagers with This Girl Can & Sport England

A brand-new, co-created digital resource for PE teachers


Hopscotch and Sport England, the team behind the award-winning This Girl Can Campaign, have teamed up to develop a brand new PE teaching resource, which aims to get the most disengaged young girls engaged in PE lessons.

The Studio You platform will offer video-based lessons covering a range of non-traditional activities girls have told us they want to learn, like boxing, dance, Pilates and yoga.

Already over 1,040 young girls and 30 PE teachers have been engaged in insight and co-creation in the development of Studio You. Studio You was piloted in 20 schools across the country in Autumn 2020 and will be made widely available to schools across England from September 2021.

Visit Studio You here.

“Our insight suggests that many teenage girls have a negative experience of PE and this can affect their relationship with physical activity for the rest of their lives. We’re thrilled to be working with Hopscotch to deliver this exciting project, which will help teachers deliver lessons that appeal to teenage girls, regardless of their ability, fitness level, size or shape.

Hopscotch’s educational and digital expertise, alongside their commitment to keeping the target audience front and centre of the project has been fundamental to the platform development so far. We’re very excited to see the results of the pilot in late 2020.”

– Georgina Howe, Head of Children and Young People, Sport England

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