Strategic education review

There’s no denying we’re a nation obsessed by the weather, so it was with relish that we donned our shades and cagoules and entered the world of the Met Office. Enthused to inspire young people with knowledge and skills, we joined the Met Office team to advise on ways they could best support schools with an evidence based cross curriculum new STEM programme. 

An organisation full of maths, tech and climate specialists called for an approach steeped in evidence gathering and a robust research strategy and we worked closely with the team to look both inward and outward to understand what vision they could best offer to schools throughout the UK.

External research involved interviewing a variety of stakeholders in the STEM and the community resilience sectors to allow us to recommend positioning for education activity. We then mapped all the UK curricula, highlighting areas where fresh new content could best spark teachers’ interest and support them with real-world contexts.

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